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Sonic the Hedgehog, "Robotnik's Revenge"
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Sonic the Hedgehog
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Sonic X pilot

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Sonic X (comic)

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Biographical overview



Parallel Earth[note 1]

Also known as
  • Blue Boy
  • SuperSonic Punk (by Sam Speed (Japanese version only))
Physical description





100 cm[1] (3' 3")


35 kg[1] (77 lb)







  • Light weight, hyper friction resistant red sneakers with a white strap, cuffs and a gold buckle
  • White gloves with sock-like cuffs
Alignment and character traits


  • Running
  • His friends
  • Adventures
  • Being a hero
  • A challenge from Doctor Eggman
  • Flowers
  • Danger[2]
  • Losing
  • Deep water
  • When someone hurts or attacks his friends
  • Tears
  • Amy's rage
  • Not being able to run
  • Having to stay in one place for a long time
  • Going to the beach
  • Slowness
  • Cat food
  • Being contacted all the time
  • The Metarex
Skills, abilities and powers
  • Supersonic running speed
  • Super strength
  • Super durability
  • Extreme acrobatics and reflexes
  • Enhanced agility and reflexes
  • Hand-to-hand combat skills
  • Expert air pilot
  • Harnessing Chaos Energy
  • Chaos Control
  • Spin Attack
  • Super Sonic transformation
  • Dark Sonic transformation

Sonic the Hedgehog is the main protagonist of the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. Lightning fast on his feet, but super slow to lose his cool, Sonic is always revved up and ready for a run-in with his archenemy, Dr. Eggman whenever he tries to cause trouble to the world to show his heroic deeds.[3]


Sonic hails from an unnamed world in a parallel dimension to Earth. His back-story is a mystery but it is known that he befriended Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit, Cheese and many small animals as well as constantly fending off Dr. Eggman's attempts at conquering the world.


New World SagaEdit


Sonic meeting Christopher Thorndyke for the first time.

One day, Sonic attempted to rescue Cream and Cheese from Dr. Eggman as well as foil the doctor's latest plot to control the world with the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds. Unfortunately, an accident initiated Chaos Control, which transported Sonic, his friends, Dr. Eggman and a few others to Earth. Seemingly separated from his friends, Sonic was astonished from meeting the human inhabitants of the world. After outrunning from the police officers and the Speed Team, Sonic befriended Christopher Thorndyke, who rescued him from drowning in a swimming pool.[4] The next day, Sonic discovered that the military had captured Cream and Cheese for research at Area 99. With the help of Chris and his grandfather Chuck Thorndyke, Sonic infiltrated Area 99 and rescued the duo. Despite the security, Sonic, Cream and Cheese escaped from there to safety with some help from Tails, who sabotaged the facility's security system.[5]

After that, Sonic left for a care-free journey. After enjoying some thrills, Sonic eventually heard the news of Dr. Eggman attacking Station Square with his E-23 Missile Wrist in an attempt to establish his Eggman Empire. After he reached Eggman, Sonic destroyed Missile Wrist, and he and his friends escorted Amy and Knuckles back to Chris' home.[6] When Sonic heard the discovery of the first Chaos Emerald at a construction site, he rushed there but got ambushed by Dr. Eggman's E-11 Beacon, which bounced the hedgehog around, rendering him helpless. However, Sonic managed to destroy Beacon with the help of Tails and Amy in time to rescue a free-falling Chris who had gotten the Chaos Emerald.[7] Soon after, Sonic was challenged by Knuckles to a showdown at Silver Valley. Sonic mainly toyed with Knuckles during the fight but discovered that Tails, Amy and Chris were held hostage in Eggman's E-47 Pumpty. Eventually, Knuckles realized that Eggman had tricked him and worked with Sonic to rescue Tails, Amy and Chris and destroy Pumpty.[8]

Tn 111sonic

Sonic being frozen solid in outer-space.

Sometime later, Sonic took off to Chris' school, wondering why Chris had not shown up home when his parents had returned, only to discover that Chris was being held at school along with his classmates by Dr. Eggman and E-51 Intelligente. Sonic, however, was able to destroy Intelligente and reminded Chris to return home.[9] Later on, Sonic overheard Tails and Amy discussing about Cream while he noticed a poster displaying a small lake with flowers. Sonic then took off and sought out the aforementioned location and he returned back home with a bunch of flowers from there for Cream. Sonic would later comforted Chris after Chris got yelled at by Cream.[10] When Eggman began sucking up satellites in outer space using E-90 Super Sweeper, Sonic and Tails tried to stop the robot while high in the sky but it was too powerful to handle with the Tornado 2. During the following day, Sonic, Tails and Chris got ready to take down Super Sweeper using the newly-crafted X Tornado. The fight was taken into outer space where Sonic was frozen solid, but with Tails and Chris' help, Sonic was thawed out and destroyed Super Sweeper.[11]

When Sonic declined to go with his friends to the Emerald Coast, he left on his own. However, when he learned that Eggman terrorized the resort with his E-38 Octoron and E-39 Quizon robots, Sonic headed there and fought the robots with Amy's help. Amy then tried to give Sonic a bracelet which serves as a good luck charm to protect him in the water, but Serpenter appeared and destroyed the bracelet. While Sonic fought the robot, he was left in surprise when Amy started destroying Serpenter and then knocked Eggman into the water, but she slowly sank. Knowing that Amy was in danger, Sonic jumped into the water and was able to rescue Amy.[12] After a while, Sonic was called to action when Dr. Eggman challenges Sonic and his friends to a winner-takes-all baseball game where the winner could claim the newly found Chaos Emeralds at Diamond Stadium. As Sonic and his team were able to edge into the lead, Eggman commanded one of his E-21 Ballios to attach its head onto Sonic, threatening to kill Sonic if the head explodes but Knuckles saved him. Regardless, Eggman still escaped with the Chaos Emerald.[13]

Later on, Sonic went out with Tails and Chris in order to find the third Chaos Emerald when they got a lead, but found nothing and went back home.[14] A while afterwards, Sonic was napping when he heard that the President was assaulting Eggman's base and discovered that Tails, Amy, Chris and Frances were gone and that they were in trouble at Tingalin Villa so Sonic sets off to find them.[15]

Go Sonic v2

Sonic being hailed as a hero by Station Square.

Sonic eventually found his friends being assaulted by Eggman with his E-35 Funfun. Sonic disabled Funfun while Tails unearthed the third Chaos Emerald, only for Eggman to appear and steal the Chaos Emerald before taking his leave. However, Sonic and the others vowed to get the Chaos Emerald and chased Eggman to his base on the X Tornado. After evading an initial assault, Sonic smashed into Eggman's base where he faced Eggman in his new robot, E-18 Guerra-Hard. Sonic was initially overwhelmed by the robot as it was powered by two Chaos Emeralds, but Sonic still destroyed the robot while reclaiming the two Chaos Emeralds and used them to trash the base. The base exploded shortly afterwards, but Sonic escaped in the nick of time. The citizens of Station Square, who have been watching this, then hailed Sonic as the hero.[16]

Chaos Emerald SagaEdit


Sonic meeting the President for the first time.

After his victory at Eggman's base, Sonic was invited by the President to the White House for a party but Sonic declined as he promised to take Helen to an island said to have beautiful flowers. As Sonic and Helen began traveling towards the island, however, they were constantly ambushed by military forces as they were ordered to capture Sonic but every time, they managed to escape. Sonic and Helen finally arrived at an a field full of beautiful flowers and were adorned by its sight. The military forces chased Sonic and Helen again until they were cornered, but Sonic was able to escort Helen and himself to a helicopter and together, they flew towards the White House to meet the President.[17]

Sonic encountered Eggman again when he launched the Egg Fort to attack Station Square. Sonic stopped an army of E-42 Torole and then tried to reach the Egg Fort but failed. However, the X Tornado arrived, and Sonic and his friends lured Eggman away from Station Square where Sonic then finished off the Egg Fort.[18] Off to enjoy a vacation, Sonic and his friends then flew over to the Sapphire Sea where they discovered a Chaos Emerald located underwater. There, they uncovered the emerald but Eggman ambushed Sonic and his friends with E-57 Clurken. Sonic was initially unable to stop Clurken underwater but with the help of Sam and Tails, Sonic got to the surface and destroyed Clurken, allowing him to continue his vacation.[19]

Sonic, along with Tails and Chris, flew on the X Tornado to a savannah but were ambushed by Eggman. Sonic destroyed Eggman's Egg Fort but was separated from his friends. While running on his own, Sonic was ambushed by E-65 Gorru-Gaooh. As the fight continued to a construction site, Sonic was able to exploit E-65's flaws and defeated it.[20] Later, Sonic and his friends came to watch Lindsey starring a film production, but when Sonic explored the castle, he discovered a talisman before finding his friends being attacked by ghost hands and was imprisoned within a wall with them when trying to rescue them. With Amy and Chris' help, Sonic broke free and rescued his friends while fighting back their kidnappers, King Boom Boo and his Boo minions, before Sonic and his friends escaped from the castle to safety.[21]


Sonic racing against Sam Speed.

To relax from their adventures, Sonic and his friends went on a cruise to the glaciers, but Sonic was unwilling to enjoy himself and schemed numerous attempts to get off the cruise but failed. As Sonic and his friends arrived at the glaciers, they were attacked by Dr. Eggman in his new flying fortress, the Egg Fort II. Sonic had trouble stopping Eggman at first but when advised by a senior to relax, Sonic regained his confidence and after Eggman was defeated, Sonic finally decided to enjoy himself on the cruise.[22] After their vacation, one late night, Sam Speed arrived at the Thorndyke Mansion to issue a race against Sonic but Sonic refused. Eventually, after a long process of persuasion, Sonic agreed to race Sam. Throughout the race, the competitors were neck and neck until they both neared the finish where Sonic won by a landslide after it was shown replaying the results in slow-motion.[23]

Sonic and his friends went on another vacation at Mr. Tanaka's homeland at Japan, where Sonic explored the city on his own. After this, Sonic encountered Dr. Eggman, Decoe and Bocoe on E-66 Da-Dai-Oh who attacked Sonic, but the hedgehog defeated Dr. Eggman and his lackeys again. He then aided Chris, Tails, Cream and Frances to filter mud out of a lake at a nearby Chao colony.[24] Later, Sonic joined with his friends on a trip to Filmdom City to see Nelson and Lindsey's wedding anniversary. Upon greeting Nelson, Sonic discovered that his Chaos Emerald was reacting to Nelson's Chaos Emerald which he had bought to surprise his wife, causing a violent electromagnetic reaction. The situation got worse when Eggman attacked Sonic and his friends with E-74 Weazo but Sonic, with the aid of Knuckles, managed to beat the robot and saved his friends and the Thorndyke family although Eggman got away with the Chaos Emerald.[25]

A while later, Sonic and Amy were attacked by Eggman and his E-88 Lightning Bird. Lightning Bird kidnapped Amy but Sonic damaged the robot and rescued Amy. Unbeknownst to Sonic, however, a circuit from the robot entered his ear, leaving Sonic constantly picking his ear to get it out. The next morning, when Mr. Tanaka operated a remote, the circuit activated, causing Sonic to run uncontrollably without being able to stop. Sonic's friends tried numerous attempts to catch Sonic and discover what was happening to him but all their plans failed. Later, Sonic found Amy attacked by a damaged Lightning Bird and destroyed it. In the process, the circuit finally slid out of Sonic's ear, allowing Sonic to be himself once again.[26]

Sonic sets out with his friends once again to find the seventh Chaos Emerald but had no success. Later that night, Sonic went for a run but was stopped by Chris who wanted to tell Sonic if he was homesick as he and his friends had stayed on Earth for a while but the hedgehog did not mind and resumed his run. When he returned home, he and his friends that discovered Chris had taken their four Chaos Emeralds so that Sonic and his friends could return home. Figuring out what Chris said earlier, Sonic took off to look for him. Arriving at the forest where the Egg Fort II was just about to take off, he spotted Knuckles who told him Chris was held captive at the Egg Fort II along with the Chaos Emeralds and chased after the flying fortress.[27]


Sonic brutally beaten by E-99 Eggsterminator.

Sonic discovered that Eggman was flying over to E-77 Lucky who had found the seventh Chaos Emerald and stopped him from reclaiming the emerald. Suddenly, several G.U.N Beetle robots appeared to attack Eggman despite Sonic trying to tell them that Chris was trapped inside the Egg Fort II. In the ensuring battle, Lucky was sent flying into the air and Sonic saw the Egg Fort II moving towards him. Using the Beetles, Sonic rescued Lucky who then gave him the emerald. He then turned his attention towards the Egg Fort II which transformed into E-99 Eggsterminator and engaged it in a fight. With the six Chaos Emeralds' energy however, the Eggsterminator was able to beat Sonic unconscious and dropped him into the ocean. Thanks to Chris though, the six Chaos Emeralds fell into the ocean and Sonic used all seven Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic. Using his enhanced powers, Sonic destroyed the Eggsterminator and rescued Chris as a new Chaos Control automatically occurred. Chris pleaded to stay with Sonic but Sonic disappeared. Quickly though, Sonic returned and it was revealed that the Chaos Control teleported Angel Island to Earth.[28]

Chaos SagaEdit

Shadow SagaEdit

Egg Moon SagaEdit

Emerl SagaEdit

Homebound SagaEdit

It was discovered that Sonic's world and Earth were merging which would lead to the stopping of time. The only way to save both planets was to return Sonic and his friends home. After everyone but Sonic had went through, Chris took him away, eventually to his parents' old summer home. Chris tells Sonic how much he will miss him and how much of a friend the hedgehog was. Sonic gathers the Chaos Emeralds and after taking Chris for one final run, returns to his home universe.[29]

Upon returning, Super Sonic easily destroys Eggman's latest battleship, saves Tails and then meets Amy, giving her a rose and telling her that he will never leave/loves her (English/French versions respectively) while in the Japanese version what he says to her is muted out for speculative and dramatic purposes (although whatever he said made Amy very happy).[30]

Metarex SagaEdit

Six months later, Super Sonic battles Dark Oak, the leader of an alien/robot race called the "Metarex" in outer space. Unable to defeat Dark Oak, he spreads the Chaos Emeralds throughout space and falls back to the planet. He is found and nursed back to health by Dr. Eggman. A plant-like alien girl named "Cosmo" informs him that the Metarex are taking over the galaxy by stealing a "Planet Egg" from each planet they can find.[31] The heroes recovered the Chaos Emeralds in a space journey as well as curing every planet. As the role of the main villain has been completely taken over by the Metarex, Eggman, Rouge and Shadow mainly sided with Sonic and the others against the Metarex threat although there were moments when both sides fought each other.

In the end, with the help of every hero especially Cosmo who sadly sacrifices herself, Super Sonic and Super Shadow finally destroyed Dark Oak for good and they all returned home while every Planet Egg the Metarex captured returned to their respective planets. Sonic watched as Chris was escorted away back to Earth and declares war on Eggman along with his friends.[32]

Archie ComicsEdit

Sonic X Sonic

Sonic in the Sonic X comics.

Sonic competed with Sam Speed in a race to determine who's faster. At first, Sonic was losing but manages to push himself and successfully wins the race. The following day, Chris' parents invited Chris, Sonic and his friends to spend the day at the Emerald Coast but Sonic turns down the opportunity and visited Angel Island to go on an adventure with Knuckles but the echidna refused. While returning back to Station Square, Sonic heard the news of a bank robbery which was caused by Dr. Eggman and his robot Ben-728 Packratbot and rushes to the scene to stop them. Sonic was able to destroy the robot and a few days later, the President requested Sonic to undertake a mission to which he accepted.[33]


Sonic is a habitual daredevil who is honest, loyal to friends, keeps his promises and dislikes tears. He took the young Tails under his wing like a little brother. Even though he isn't intrigued by the marital proposals from Amy Rose, he seems to share her feelings to the point of telling her that he loves her in the French version of episode 52. With Knuckles, he shares a friendly rivalry, but the two can be great teammates, though Sonic simply can't resist teasing him whenever he has the chance to. Even though he meets Chris at the beginning of the series, he quickly becomes his friend and treats him like a younger brother similar to Tails. He is mostly seen napping, running towards an adventure or stopping Doctor Eggman with his plans of world domination.

In times of crisis, he focuses intensely on the challenge as if his personality had undergone an astonishing change most of the time.

Despite of his positive attitude, Sonic shares a trait of loneliness when he first arrived at Earth, believing that he was the only one being transported without his friends and feels partially sad about it. In the Archie Comics, he once questioned whether he'd be able to find a solution in order for him and his friends to return back to their real world.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Sonic running in Sonic X

Sonic running at full speed.

Sonic's greatest strength is his running speed, which is much faster than the speed of sound. Sonic has demonstrated being able to run for an entire day without stopping[34] and can also run backwards as fast as running forward.[4] In line with his speed, he is a master of rapid response,[3] having astonishingly quick reflexes. He can use the Spin Attack or his speed to break through virtually anything and a Ring can increase his power. Throughout Season 3 (Series 2), Sonic's spinning ability is used to power the Sonic Power Cannon which enhances Sonic's strength in this state to be able to defeat more powerful foes (namely the Metarex) by the power from the Master Emerald. Sonic is also shown to have the ability to jump very high and fly great distances by using his Spin Attack.

Sonic also displays a degree of superhuman strength (although he is not as strong as Knuckles) as he is seen to be able to smash robots with his bare hands and push against E-18 Guerra-Hard's full strength. He is also incredibly resilient to damage, as he can survive being thrown through buildings and nearly been crushed by Eggman's larger robots and still leaps back into the fray immediately afterwards.

With the seven Chaos Emeralds, he is able to transform into Super Sonic, an empowered version of himself that can fly, virtually invulnerable, move faster than the speed of light, has vastly enhanced super strength and has access to Chaos Powers. He can also heal people with a touch. He has used this transformation against Perfect Chaos, Biolizard, Eggman, Dark Oak and Super Shadow. In one episode, Sonic also gains a new dark transformation when being exposed to counterfeit Chaos Emeralds and intense anger (dubbed "Dark Sonic"). In this state, while his strength and speed abilities are enhanced greatly, Sonic also develops a somewhat uncontrollable rage.

Sonic also has the ability to pilot aircraft as he is able to pilot a helicopter[17], the Tornado 2 and the X Tornado.


Miles "Tails" ProwerEdit


Sonic and Tails out on an adventure.

Tails is Sonic's best friend and side-kick, sharing a brotherly-like relationship with one another. During their first meeting, Sonic saw Tails tinkering with the Tornado and was impressed with Tails' work and agreed to become friends with Tails. Throughout the course of the series, Tails has frequently helped Sonic whenever he leaves to stop Dr. Eggman, normally as the pilot of the Tornado 2 or X Tornado to escort Sonic to the situation.

Christopher ThorndykeEdit


Sonic taking off with Chris on him.

Like with Tails, Sonic and Chris are also close friends with each other like brothers. Sonic has been grateful to Chris ever since their first meeting where he rescued a drowning Sonic and decides to let Sonic and his friends live with him in his mansion. As their friendship grew over time, Chris began to deeply care for Sonic to the point where he doesn't want him to return to his home world.

In "Running Out of Time", Sonic and his friends were finally able to return home via a dimensional portal but Chris deactivated the portal to prevent Sonic from going home and the two ventured to a faraway place. During this trip, Sonic sees Chris in situations where he needed help but surprisingly, Chris didn't want it. Arriving at their location, Sonic expressed to Chris that he didn't mind which world he chooses to reside in. Chris finally comes into terms with his own feelings and realizes that Sonic has to go. Although Sonic understands that his friend will be lonely without him, Sonic expressed hope that one day, they will see each other again.

Knuckles the EchidnaEdit


Sonic fighting his rival, Knuckles.

Although Sonic and Knuckles are close friends, they both share a rivalry with each other and as a result, the two can sometimes be seen fighting over each other. Their battles can be heated as Sonic's speed parallels the extent of Knuckles' strength although their battles are always tied and/or interrupted, leaving the suspense to the question on which of the two is stronger. However, the two can be powerful teammates and aid each other, being able to take on powerful foes together.

When Knuckles first fought Sonic in "Cracking Knuckles", Sonic did not take much interest in seriously fighting with Knuckles and instead wanted a general conversation with a smug face at first before Knuckles moved in for the first attack. Sonic generally was reluctant to attack him while making fun of Knuckles. When Knuckles realized that Dr. Eggman intended him to fight Sonic was a result of his gullible nature, Sonic and Knuckles instead worked together and fought off his robot E-47 Pumpty and rescued Sonic's friends who were trapped inside, fixing their friendship once more.

Amy RoseEdit

Sonic gives Amy a flower

Sonic handing Amy a pink rose.

Sonic and Amy are also close friends with each other but Amy always claims to be Sonic's girlfriend, much to Sonic's dismay and Sonic doesn't usually appreciate Amy giving him hugs or kisses. However, there are times where Sonic seems to care for Amy a lot such as when he dived into the water to rescue Amy from drowning despite his fear of water. Sonic can also be seen giving Amy a rose at the end of Episode 52. When he offers her this gift what he says to her varies between versions: in English he says that he'd never leave he again, in Japanese what he says is muted, in French he plainly admits he loves her. In season three, after he gives her the rose, they seem to become increasingly closer. He often becomes protective of her and even goes along with a lot of her love schemes in hopes of keeping her happy. In one case, Sonic actually agreed to take Amy out on a date.

Sonic also has a healthy respect for Amy. Despite her being his 'damsel-in-distress' he's often seen heeding her advice. In the episode Cruise Blues, Amy lectures Sonic on bravery, telling him that it is not the absence of fear but the facing of it that makes for a brave hero. After this speech he walks away, a little taller, only to look back at Amy and faint, crawling into fetal position and giving up. She's also seen in season 3 justifying her constant partnership with Sonic on missions by saying that "behind every great man there is a great woman guiding him." Sonic shrugs but accepts her decision easily. Despite her advice often coming off as bossy he never complains, always valuing her opinions and input.

Doctor EggmanEdit

Sonic and Doctor Eggman are arch-enemies, with Sonic always defeating Eggman and stopping his plots of world domination. Just like in the games, Sonic can be more frank or taunting towards Eggman and shows full confidence that he can spoil his plans no matter what. Sonic sometimes does not take Eggman's plans seriously and will almost always seize the opportunity to tease him.

There are moments where Eggman and Sonic had to be allies in order to stop a worse threat to the world. When Sonic, Eggman and the others discovered that Gerald Robotnik planned to have the ARK crash onto the Earth, the two worked together to prevent the collision. Eggman also sided with Sonic and his friends when they had to stop the Metarex's plans of achieving galaxy domination.

Shadow the HedgehogEdit

Throughout the series, Sonic encounters Shadow as another rival to him but unlike with Knuckles, Shadow has a similar appearance to Sonic and shares his trademark speed among other powerful abilities. The clashes between Sonic and Shadow are also more volatile than those with Knuckles as every time Sonic fights with Shadow, Sonic knows that he cannot waste time joking with his opponent or else he will quickly be defeated. However, in circumstantial exceptions, Shadow will aid Sonic and his friends whenever they encounter a far more threatening danger.

The two were enemies to begin with during their first encounter where Sonic is arrested by the military forces due to a misunderstanding of their appearances and is severely beaten by Shadow in a fight before his arrestment. When they fought again at Space Colony ARK, Shadow was impressed of Sonic from being able to use Chaos Control and wanted to know what kind of person Sonic was. Sonic simply responded that he has a need for speed. After the fight, Sonic and Shadow realized that they are in danger of an impending doomsday and worked together to save the day.

Friends and AlliesEdit




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  • It has been said that Sonic never cries, nor he can stand seeing someone cry, yet in the second season finale, "A New Start," as Sonic is carrying Chris, tears are seen emitting from his face and onto Chris'. In episode 52, when Amy is explaining her feelings to Sonic, a small teardrop can be seen forming in his right eye.
    • In that same episode, after Sonic gives Amy a flower, what he says then is different between versions. In the English version, he says he will never leave her while in the Japanese, Sonic says something but it is not heard while in the French version, he actually says he loves her.
  • Sometimes when Sonic runs, his feet tends to move in a 3D circular motion.
  • In the Japanese version, Sonic uses the most "Engrish" dialog out of all characters.
  • No matter what angle Sonic is seen in (excluding when he is falling from outer space after his first fight with Dark Oak), he has three quills. As Super Sonic, he has five quills.
  • Both Sonic and Chris appeared in the most episodes of Sonic X (76).


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  1. The world where Sonic comes from is not named in the anime and comics. The comics state, though, that Sonic and his friends traveled across dimensions on a parallel planet, Earth.